Through the language of sculpture, my art speaks about me and about the things that matter most to me – the arts, politics, world events, literature, and culture. “Civil Discourse” represents my longing for civilized debate in this polarized climate.  “Ode to the Middle East” honors the many minarets, mosques, and cathedrals destroyed by terrorists.  “Swan Lake” celebrates my love for ballet.  “Convivencia” recalls a time around the 14th century when Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived in relative peace and harmony in the Middle East.  "String Theory" imagines a world where all human beings on earth see themselves as interconnected by one vast, invisible web. 


Because I never reveal the original purpose of the found metal objects, my work invites multiple interpretations rather than offering any logical explanation or definition of the particular elements in the piece. I love the juxtaposition of the contrasting elements. While the scavenged materials have focal points of dynamic beauty themselves; the paint and shadows move quietly in the background promising new life way beyond the graves of forgotten junk.