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JOHN ESTES - Artisan

John contemplating 2.jpg

John Estes is my devoted husband, and loving caregiver, in life and in art.  He is the Artisan who not only canoodles tirelessly about every sculpture in the works, but also executes the detailed artisanal work required in turning found metal objects into art.  He is patient with the many changes I want during the process, and feigns horror when, out of the proverbial blue, I appear saying "Johnny, I have a great idea"... to which he replies, "Oh NOoooooooo".  I am grateful and blessed to have him in my life.

MATTHEW HEYMANN - Cinematographer


My talented nephew, Matthew Heymann, a Cinematographer in New York City, took time out of his exceedingly busy life to come to my home and studio to photograph all of my sculptures and shoot a video of me.  The quality of the gorgeous images on my website here speak for themselves, reflecting not only his talent, but also the grace with which he speaks and moves. I am blessed and grateful beyond words to Matthew for this loving gift to me.

Matt biz card.jpg
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